What are the benefits of mediation?

Jean M. Dwyer is a Certified Circuit Court Mediator

What are the benefits of mediation?

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There are many benefits to mediation. The first one is of course that your case will settle. If your case settles, you then avoid a trial, you’re gonna avoid the expensive trial, you avoid the stress of trying your case.


Other benefits of mediation is even if your case is not settled in totality, you may be able to settle your case partially. Again, same benefits. You may benefit financially and that all the issues don’t have to be tried, so your trial is a shorter trial, a little bit less stress.


Another benefit to mediation, is simply you may learn some information that may help you make a decision on whether or not you wanna proceed to trial or how you proceed to trial. Some people use mediation a little bit for discovery, so that they can acquire some information on the case to assist in settlement negotiations or a trial.